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If you are residing near Willesden and are suffering from body pain or muscle stiffness, West 12 Health Centre can help. We are conveniently located near you to help you find the best solution to your body discomfort and muscle soreness or spasms.

Our caring experts have specialization in Osteopathy and can help you restore your body functions while treating your stiff muscles and aches for a long-term repair. We genuinely understand that body discomfort can cause stress and uneasiness in your lifestyle. We abreast ourselves with the latest technology and knowledge to help you find the cure for your anxiety and immobility.

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Treatments We Offer


West 12 Health Centre - Willesden OsteopathsOsteopathy, a natural and non-intrusive medical treatment is highly successful in correcting the body imbalance and reviving you to attain holistic well-being. It is 100% drug-free and has no side effects. It utilizes a hands-on technique that improves blood circulation and rejuvenates your sore muscles.

For best results, we recommend you to club Osteopathy treatment with our “Dry Needling” therapy, This highly sophisticated and time-proven technique is performed by our team of experienced doctors who use solid filiform/hollow-core hypodermic needles to repair muscle soreness.

Sports Massage

A sports injury is often misunderstood to be an issue for sports professionals, marathoners, and athletes. In reality, a sports injury can happen to anyone who is occasional jogger, walker or a person with minimal physical exercise exposure.

When sports injury happens, a tissue/ligament or muscle takes the brunt and causes extreme ache and discomfort in your movement. The flesh tends to become rigid, membranes often gets ruptured, and body faces acute uneasiness.

Our caring therapeutics takes cognizance of your situation to give immediate and long-term relief in your pain points. They ease your blood flow and help repair the sore muscles.

Personal Training

Personal Fitness Instructor WillesdenPhysical training is the most recommended tip from a doctor. It is a proven way to stay fit and keep your body safe from any ruptures or injuries. At West 12 Health Centre, our physical training experts work with compassion and care to diagnose the key triggers and pain points to design a custom-fit training plan that best fits your body needs.

Our training experts guide you to learn great and useful training ways and attain a whole body transformation with active and monitored use. We take great pride in improving your overall lifestyle and get you mobile and livelier in a short span of our training.


The mind is the reflection of the body. A healthier mind speaks about a fit body while an unhealthy or stressed mind reflects an ill-treated or uneasy body. Since we consider mind is the gateway to a healthier life, we are happy to introduce Mindfulness technique.

Our meditators can help you find a way to channelize positivity and confidence in you while eradicating all negative triggers that cause stress and pain. With dedicated and regular practice, we can help get ride of mind-body imbalance.

Other Services

While Osteopathy can help you come out of those painful life episodes, stress is omnipresent and can cause damage even after you have undergone therapy. You need something that stays on to guard you against the negative chapters and triggers which cause body discomfort and mental unrest. We offer two brilliant alternate therapies, Yoga and Pilates.

Yoga, an ancient Asian therapeutic method offers the perfect balance between your mind and body. It helps you be flexible, agile and positive outside and within.

Pilates, a celebrity-favorite, is an ultra-modern technique that has amazing time-bound results. This therapy helps build core stamina, enable better back posture and make your body stronger from within.

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Driving Directions

How to reach our centre from Willesden Junction?

If you are around the Willesden Junction, you are only 12 minutes away from reaching us.

Head in a northwest direction on Station and approach towards the Old Oak Lane. Then turn right onto Station Road. Then turn right onto Tubbs Road and continue straight on Nightangle Road for 0.2 miles.

Then turn right onto High Street and drive ahead for 0.3 miles. Then turn right onto Scrubs Lane and push forward for 1.8 miles. Then turn right onto MacFarlane road and arrive at the West 12 Health Centre.