For all the gym goers – How much protein we need post workout to facilitate muscle growth


This is an extract from a great post from the Thinking Nutrition Facebook Page

One for those interested in the current research around dietary protein and muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

Key recommendations:
– Consume ~0.4 g/kg body mass to maximally stimulate MPS following a period of rest or exhaustive resistance exercise.
– Spacing protein-containing meals ~3–5 h throughout the day maximizes MPS rates over the course of a 12 h (i.e., waking) period.
– Practice pre-sleep protein ingestion (1–3 h prior to sleep) to offset declines in MPS that would occur during an overnight fasting period.
– To maximize muscle protein accretion with resistance exercise, daily protein intakes should be ~1.6 g/kg/day and up to 2.2 g/kg/day. This intake can be achieved by ingesting 3 meals, each containing ~0.53 g/kg protein, or 4 meals containing ~0.4g/kg protein.

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