"Great service, my back feels much better! Balraj was super friendly and explained everything as we went along as it was my first Osteopathy session. Would definitely recommend!"

Sarah Mosses

Balraj is friendly and very professional. He sorted out my back problem in two visits, I couldn't be more thrilled as I can now sleep through the night without waking up in pain!

Karin von Hippel – Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)

I came about two months ago with severe pains in my knee, the pain was so bad it started hurting for both and I was desperate to make it better. Passionate by sport, I was not willing to stop but the different doctors I saw previously all told me to stop it for few months, which I did with no results. I decided to try other solutions and to go to see an osteopath, I was very sceptical at the beginning as in my country they don’t have the best reputation. However, I was really happy after my first session, as Balraj never told me to stop sport and gave me exercise to help the healing process and the therapy actually healed me completely after only 2 months. Today, I can do sport even if I’m still careful and almost with no straps, even when I’m running and I did not have pain in my knee since which was exactly the results I wanted so I strongly recommend him! Caroline Malbezin - Student

Caro Malbezin

I used to play a lot of sport and after working long hours in the city sat in front of the computer my posture got really bad and I developed chronic back pain. I tried a lot of things to get it better but nothing worked and most things actually made it worse. I had almost given up when a friend recommended that I see Balraj. I wasn't sure if going to see him would help me but honestly just one visit to his West 12 Health Clinic really changed my life! Balraj was so kind and after just one session the pain was so much better. I now go regularly and the pain and stiffness have completely gone! I couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend Balraj and the West 12 Health Clinic enough! Thank you!!!! Instagram:@abigirlx

Abigail Royston – Fashion Blogger and Lawyer

I thoroughly recommend West 12 Health's services. I came with shoulder and neck pain that was stopping me from doing just about anything. Balraj was very professional and listened before releasing the areas and providing me with exercises to increase mobility in my upper back. I'm now virtually pain free after a few treatments and very happy with the service I received. Thanks!

Chiara Gugliotta – PR Press Office, Hogan

Former Italian National Boxer - I damaged my ankle from boxing and put up with it for a long time until I went to the west 12 health centre, where they provided me with a diagnosis and clear rehabilitation in the gym there. The team were diligent and thorough and I have left back to Italy with a clear idea of what I have to keep on doing. The ankle feels better already. Thanks to the team at West 12, I'll be back soon!

Federica Monacelli – Infront Sports & Media AG, Edmond de Rothschild

I had back pain for months that went unexplained by GPs until i was finally diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. I was given the diagnosis without explanation other than a few leaflets. Balraj took the time to explain the condition and that it was manageable with some changes to my lifestyle. His treatment and advice on changes to my lifestyle have helped me manage the condition well and i thoroughly recommend his clinic.

Arushi Gupta – GGO Intern at GE